Monday, 26 August 2013

Custom Comic Covers!

One of a kind personalised comic covers.

High quality digital artwork that is perfect for cards, prints, posters, stickers.. whatever you can think of.

These covers can come in a variety of options.
  • Totally unique, personalised covers where you provide the characters, scenario, title and style.
  • Recreations of classic covers but with you and your friends replacing the characters.
  • Mash ups. Luke Skywalker vs Superman in the Land of Oz... maybe?

Here's an example of how the process works

  • The client provides reference photos and a rough idea of what is required.
  • I provide a number of ideas and if we agree on one I take a 10% deposit.

  • I take the chosen design and pencil up the 'final' version. This is the only chance for the client to suggest any edits or changes to the actual drawing aspect. Once we are happy with what we have I take 50% of the fee and start work on the final piece.

  • Once the piece is 'finished', the client has one more chance to make any changes (hopefully mostly related to colours and graphic design) then if happy, the client pays the remainder of the fee and I provide the file in whatever hi-res digital format is required.
  •  If it is preferred, I can also arrange a high quality print at a small extra charge.

  • For an additional £10 I can create an authentic looking Comic book. Bagged, boarded and ready for display.

Prices vary depending on the complexity of the request and the number of characters requested.
As a rough estimate, the example provided above is a reasonably simple, single character cover and would cost £50 (£60 including the comic book). More 'painterly' style covers would cost more.
Additional custom characters would cost £10 each, established characters (Spiderman, Hulk etc) would be £5.
No commision would cost more than £100.

Feel free to contact me for more information and a quote.


  If you're the writer/ artist of an indie comic and want a cover this can also be arranged.

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